Sierre Blues Festival


Date 14 June 2024, 17h30

Swiss Rock'n'Roll

From Marshall speaker walls, a raw guitar sound, and a "plug and play" vibe, a high-powered show that takes you into the frenzy of 70s rock 'n' roll, that's what defines GUT'S.

Since 2017, GUT'S has been electrifying crowds with the sincerity of their energy, and following the release of their debut album "High as Noise," the doors to prestigious Swiss stages have opened for them: Sierre Blues Festival, Venoge, Paillote, Corn Rock, and even the Rock Oz'Arènes festival.

Finally, GUT'S doesn't hide their influences from the legendary group AC/DC, but they aim to be the successors of that simple, powerful rock that resonates with all generations.

GUT'S is an electric shot measured in watts and liters of sweat. That's rock 'n' roll!