The Sierre Blues Festival was officially founded on the 24th april 2009.
The actual comity:

SILVIO CALDELARI, president, administration, security, marketing and programing

DANY GIROMINI, vice-president, infrastructures, stage manager of Plaine Bellevue

ANNICK VOLAND DE OLIVEIRA, volunteers, accreditation, programme Funny Blues

PATRICK BEROD, amis du festival, institutions, VIP

YVANO TAMBURRINO, transportation and parkings


ALDO ZAMBON, artiste logistics, hotels, bed & breakfast, camp sites

KARIN VON OW, finance

MANU BROCCARD, internet site, social networks, communication


Outside of the committee but so near: all the staff at MAP


The aim of the association is to promote blues music by:
(elle est régie par ses statuts)

  • organizing and funding of the Sierre Blues Festival
  • creating a concept where school children are exposed to blues music
  • organizing a competition reserved to amateur musiciens
  • supporting the creation af a label to set up various concerts throughout the year
  • The Sierre Blues association is a member of the Blues Foundation in Memphis and the European Blues Union, of France Blues and last but not least the Swiss Blues Society founded in 2015.

A big thank you to all the people who helped us live our dream.