2018 Tickets

General Information

Children till 16 years pay half price but can only enter the Festival site if accompanied by an adult that is minimum 25 years old. Please present a valid ID at the festival.

Tickets and passes give access to the Festival site uniquely for the dates specified and are neither reimbursed nor exchanged. In the case where an artist cancels their performance, tickets are not reimbursed.

Pass holders must exchange their ticket for a bracelet at the Festival ticket office on the first day of their pass. This bracelet must be worn for the entire validity.

Festival goers have free unlimited access to the Festival shuttle buses.

Disabled people are welcome to the Festival. They must purchase a ticket or pass. Vehicles carrying a ‘disabled’ sticker have access to the car park located close to the Festival’s main entrance. In order to welcome you in the best possible manner, please contact us by mail, info@sierreblues.ch .

Food & drink: a number of bars and food stalls are available on the site. It is forbidden to enter the Festival with food or drink.

Animals: For their comfort and ours, animals are forbidden on the Festival site.


Pre-sale tickets and passes

The pre-sales end on Wednesday July 4th 2018, at midnight.


Thursday July 5th pre-sales CHF 49.-
standard price (on site) CHF 60.-
Friday July 6th pre-sales CHF 79.-
standard price (on site) CHF 90.-
Saturday July 7th pre-sales CHF 69.-
standard price (on site) CHF 80.-


3 evenings pre-sales CHF 149.-
standard price (on site) CHF 190.-
Week-end, Friday and Saturday pre-sales from CHF 129.-
standard price (on site) CHF 140.-

All these prices do not include any costs charged by seller.


VIP package – Les Jardins du Blues

minimum 2 guests, price er person

Thursday July 5th CHF 199.-
Friday July 6th CHF 229.-
Saturday July 7th CHF 219.-

Information and Reservations: vip@sierreblues.ch



Friends of the Sierre Blues Festival package

It is within this club that we group the festival’s friends together.
Their objective is to support the festival both financially and physically by their presence at the event. MORE



Where can you purchase your tickets and passes ?


1. With Print at Home© tickets there are no additional costs. you order your ticket or pass on Internet, pay with your credit card and print your ticket yourself.

2. Visit a star ticket sales point

  • post offices
  • Manor department store
  • etc.

Find a selling point


3. By telephone

  • 0900 325 325 (CHF 1.19/min)

4. On site at the ticket office at the Festival

  • The Festival ticket offices are located on the Plaine Bellevue and open every evening at 17h.



Recommendations and advice

Tickets are checked with a bar code. This must be intact, do not cut it, crease it or damage it.

A ticket can be photocopied. To avoid nasty surprises, never buy a ticket from someone, it may already have been used. Please note, only one entry is possible for each day that the ticket is valid.

In the event of a problem with your ticket, please go to the Festival ticket office!


Welcome to the Sierre Blues Festival