Thursday 6th of July 2017


LE BEAU LAC DE BÂLE no longer needs an introduction. Born in spring 1970 from an idea which remains a mystery, even today, The Beau Lac de Bâle is the Blues-Rock band the most« welche » (French speaking) known to this day.

Their first performance took place in June 1977, during the then new alternative AMR festival, an extremely active musical association, which took place in the Bois de la Bâtie. In front of thousands of spectators, the band performed accompanied by a choir of 25 « ladies » all dressed in pink and their career took off.

The names alone of the members of the band make up a great part of the legend of the BLB. Dietrich Freezer-Disco, John Cipolata, Petite Berthe, Patou d’Unkou, Roberthy Benzo, Johnny di Pizzaiolo, Claire Asile, Rocky Raviolo, Cellulite Gras Double, Elisabeth Romertopf, Spatule, Edith de Nantes, Emma Tome, Nicole O’dent, Nelly Pliant, Matahari Cola.

These are the names present at the Sierre Blues Festival for a unique date in the Valais as part of their  40th anniversary celebration  during which the public will be able to enjoy « Je suis Speed », « Va prom’ner le chien », « Dedieu la foire », « Paulette » etc… and their recent hit « Mourir à la Brévine ».