Thursday 7th of July 2016


The love of blues which caried this duo, leads them to wander along roads here and elsewhere. Originally, one is Mauritian and the other is Swiss but their complicity breaks down any frontiers and reminds us that music is a universal language.
For three years, TheTWO leads their audience on a touching journey. Their music; sincere, powerful, on some occasions wild, sometimes soft, is a call to go travelling, with the destination being a world of spellbinding mixture of sounds.
These two musicians draw their strength from the roots of Delta blues and the sincerity of créole blues of Mauritius. winners of the Swiss Blues Challenge in the summer of 2014, TheTWO had the privilege of representing Switzerland at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA, in Januaryr 2015 and in the European Blues Challenge, in Brussels. Their crossing of the Atlantic Ocean didn’t go un-noticed because the duo seduced the American public by reaching the semi-final of the competition.
With over a hundred gigs in 2015, TheTWO have accumulated rarely seen unanimous recognition in Switzerland as well as abroad at each of their performances. The icing on the cake of this promising year, the duo has been invited to play on the legendary « Jazz Club » stage at the prestigious  Montreux Jazz festival.
TheTWO’s adventure is just beginning, and yet it already has an international feel: Zagreb International Blues Festival (Croatia), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland), Den Blå Festival (Denmark), Narcao Blues Festival (Italy), Cahors Blues Festival (France)…
«On the road again, where the music takes us…»