Thursday 6th of July 2017


TRUST five letters which explode like a cannon ball in 1977 in a France put to sleep by Giscard.

TRUST, who, against all odds, was able to revive the French Rock n Roll scene with its powerful grooves and raw lyrics.

TRUST, wild, rebellious of which « Antisocial », more than just a song, becomes a symbol for the younger generation fighting political injustice, and works its way into the towns and cities.

TRUST, whose great talent got the audience rocking at Europe du Reading’s Rockpalast, remains to this day an unequalled reference in the industry where many celebrities still haven’t forgotten the crazy sound of the « frenchies ».

TRUST, the symbol of an entire generation is back to shake the public awake because nothing has changed, and even worse.

TRUST, « Au nom de la Rage » tour !