Van Wilks

Saturday 8 of July 2017


VAN WILKS In Austin, city of many great American guitarists, Van Wilks is considered as being one of the best and the town honoured him recently by including him, alongside some of the greatest Texan musical legends, in the Texas Hall of Fame.

Recognized as being one of the leading stage performers of Austin for almost two decades, Van Wilks continues to “propose one of the hottest rock guitar performances of the town” declares the Austin Chronicle “creating music which mixes his bluesy roots with a touch of funk, hard rock and a pinch of pop melody”.

He is great friends with Billy Gibbons, who declares being his number one fan, and often tours with ZZ Top. Some see in Van Wilks the perfect cross between Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen. It is true that between hard rock and blues his style is unique and his stage performance is explosive.