Sierre Blues Festival

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats

Date 14 June 2024, 22h45
Place Plaine Bellevue
Rick Estrine

Rick Estrin and his Nightcats truly stand out from the crowd.

A group that has amassed such a collection of blues awards is undoubtedly exceptional. Featuring one of the world's foremost blues guitarists, Kid Andersen, along with the multi-talented keyboardist and bassist, Lorenzo Farrell, and the rhythm virtuoso Derek 'D'MAR' Martin, formerly of Little Richard's band.

The American specialist magazine, Blues Music Magazine, offers a glowing description of the band: "This ensemble is the cream of the crop... Their compositions are unparalleled, infused with wit, humor, and urban insight. They master both traditional and daring rhythms, display impeccable musical prowess, craft creative arrangements, offer harmonica tutorials, and execute clever production... Their style is funky and original, consistently delivering performances that are fresh and brimming with vitality."

An ideal opportunity to discover their new album - The hits keep coming - at the Plaine Bellevue (release May 10, 2024).

But Rick Estrin is above all an exceptional showman who uses his appearance, hairstyle, brush-drawn mustache, and elegant attire to add flair to his performances.

According to him, people don't go out to see people who look like them, but to see something special! Now you've been warned, don't believe that all cats are gray at night, or else Rick Estrin might knock you out.

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, a true show!