Sierre Blues Festival
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Presale of suscriptions and tickets pend on Wednesday, June 12 at midnight. Presale fees are note included. 

Tickets and festival pass

At the festival ticket office
Thursday, June 13 (free)0.-0.-
Friday, June 1459.-69.-
Saturday, June 1559.-69.-


Children under the age of 8 enter the festival free of charge. Children under the age of 16 pay half price. However, these two categories of people can only enter the site if accompanied by an adult over 25 and on presentation of an identity card.

Please note that websites such as Viagogo, all-tickets, etc. are not approved by the festival organization in any way. Prices on these websites are much more expensive than on the official and approved festival ticket office:

Entry requirements

Ticket purchasers acknowledge, by the mere purchase of tickets, the organiser’s rules on security, access (age) and other terms and conditions and take note of the fact that in the event of non-compliance with these rules, they may be excluded from the event without compensation. Tickets are neither refunded nor exchanged. Concerts take place in all weathers. If for some reason, one or more festival evenings have to be postponed, the tickets remain valid for the new dates. The postponement or cancellation of a particular artist does not lead to a refund.

Opening hours of the Festival Gates and Cash desks : 5 pm - 11 pm. Closing time of the festival : 2 am (end of service 20 minutes before).

Except with a ticket or wristband, there is no admission to the festival after 11pm.

A valid ticket or season ticket is required at all times to access the festival’s concerts.

Pass holders must exchange their ticket for a permanent wristband at the entrance to the Festival on the first day of validity of the pass.

Tickets and Pass give access to the specified dates and are neither refunded nor exchanged, even in the event of an artist cancellation.

If the festival is postponed, tickets purchased remain valid for the postponed date and cannot be refunded.

In the event of cancellation of the Festival or an entire evening, tickets, packages and subscriptions will be reimbursed up to the price indicated on the ticket, package or subscription (excluding CHF 5.- flat-rate charge for each ticket or package, in accordance with the recommendations of the Swiss Music Promoters Association).

People with reduced mobility are welcome at the festival. They have to buy a ticket or a Pass. Vehicles with “disabled” badges have access to the car park located near the main entrance of the Festival. Eager to receive you as well as possible, thank you to announce you via email to

Children under the age of 8 have free access to the festival. Those under the age of 16 pay half price. However, these two categories of people enter the site only if they are accompanied by an adult over the age of 25 and upon presentation of an identity card.

Subsistance: Many bars and food stalls are present on the field. It is forbidden to enter the Festival grounds with food and drink.

Animals: The presence of dogs or any other animals is prohibited on the entire festival site during opening hours. This is for reasons of hygiene, safety and animal welfare.

Sugaray Rayford @ Sierre Blues Festival, Sierre (VS), Switzerland, .11.06.2022. (c) Christophe Losberger