Sierre Blues Festival

Sierre Blues' Kids

Date 13 June 2024, 17h30
Thierry Epiney, direction. Sierre Blues Kids @ Sierre Blues Festival, Sierre (VS), Switzerland, 09.06.2022. (c) Christophe Losberger

"SIERRE BLUES’ KIDS" have the honor of inaugurating each edition of the Sierre Blues Festival on the main stage.

"Children, you must know that the world did not begin at the moment of your birth. Everything has a history and roots in the past." 

This is what Michael "Hawkeye" Herman, musician, educator, and host of the Blues in School program, explained when he visited the schools of Sierre in October 2012. He also explained that the blues has had a major influence on popular music, as traces of it can be found in jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, hard rock, country music, soul, pop music, etc. It has undergone many changes since then, but it is still linked to "personal history" or tradition.