Sierre Blues Festival

Harlem Lake

Date 14 June 2024, 20h45
Janne Timmer (vocals), Sonny Ray van den Berg (guitar), Dave Warmerdam (keyboards, guitar), Kjelt Ostendorf (bass), Benjamin Torbijn (drums).. Harlem Lake @ Sierre Blues Festival, Sierre (VS), Switzerland, 17.06.2023. (c) Christophe Losberger

«We love to blend raw 70s soul with contemporary blues rock and americana! Our mission is to share our passion and stories with the world. We started doing so in 2017 and on June 4. 2022 we won the European Blues Challenge. Last summer we got to tour Europe and in 2024 we’ll continue to build on our dream.»

Harlem Lake, dedicated to authenticity, infuses their music with a blend of rock and Americana influences. Their energetic live shows highlight the power of openness and connection in a superficial world. Following international recognition, they toured Europe, showcasing their innovative sound. With producer Guido Aalbers, known for his work with Coldplay and Muse, they're set to deliver an exciting follow-up album, promising a captivating musical experience for fans.

Winner of the European Blues Challenge 2022.