Sierre Blues Festival

The Cinelli Brothers

Date 14 June 2024, 19h00
The Cinelli Brothers

Friday evening marks a highlight at the Sierre Blues Festival as it proudly welcomes The Cinelli Brothers, undeniably one of the premier blues acts currently reigning in Europe!

This ensemble gained prominence as a finalist at the 2023 International Blues Challenge in Memphis and captured considerable attention during the European Blues Challenge in the same year. Since 2020, they have garnered a plethora of nominations, accolades, and awards in the United Kingdom.

Hailing from Great Britain, The Cinelli Brothers consist of four exceptionally talented musicians, all skilled multi-instrumentalists. Infused with the essence of blues, their repertoire seamlessly fuses elements of rock and pop. Their seemingly straightforward compositions unveil themselves to be remarkably effective and more intricately layered than initially apparent, boasting vocal harmonies few bands can rival live on stage.

Recipient of the UK Blues Challenge 2022
3rd place at the European Blues Challenge 2023
2nd place at the International Blues Challenge 2023